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Like preventive and symtomatic therapy Shiatsu is helpful in a multitude of processes pre-disease or with pain. Also to relax deeply, and to give to vitality, increasing the defenses of the organism.

Shiatsu is also a great aid in the consciencness and awareness of the state, and the necessities of our own body. It is good “preventive” warning of disease and a good “comforting corrector” of the deterioration of our being, and physical body.

Legalized and regulated in Japan like a Therapy, by the Ministry of Health. It is known more and more everywhere in the world, and practiced from the familiar level to the therapeutic one by thousands of people.

We take care of any personal doubt with consulting by telephone or email.

Japanese school of Shiatsu- Panama begins to distribute and to teach Shiatsu in Central America.

On the basis of the professional experience of its founders in Europe during more than 15 years, this center and school are located in the Heart of America: Panama.

This country unites the north and the south, from the center of the continent, and orients from the east to the west embracing the two oceans between its earth through great channel.

At the most more than a symbol, from the center of the heart of this earth, it is born for the diffusion of Shiatsu the E.J.S. – Panama.

The school is an encounter, learning, and convergence place.f this tec

In the continuity and evolution of the creative origion of Tokujiro Namikoshi (eternal smiling heart of Shiatsu) humbly we offer ourselves to give the essence and its science, that was given to us as well by Onoda Sensei, direct disciple of the creator of the technique.

From here we offer our hands, and our knowledge with classes, and individual sessions of this therapeutic art.

We have moved to many other countries for diffusing knowledge, and education of Shiatsu.

In the different sections of this Website, the options and explanations are indicated to understand initially the origin and operation of this technique, in addition to the supply of courses and sessions of Shiatsu that we offer.

Thanks and “welcome” to this new stage of Shiatsu in Heart of Latin America.

Pablo Lopez and Antonia Leon

“Shiatsu it is like the Love of Mother, the pressure on the body stimulates the source of the life”

(Tokujiro Namikoshi)